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Hello and welcome to Kompass Funding’s Official Blog!

Our blog contributors cover several different topics ranging from factoring basics to accounting metrics. Our goal is to be a financial resource and help discover different sources of funding and ways to evaluate your business.

We also want to keep it personal. We will be sharing employee and client spotlights to show you the team behind our services and clients we have helped along the way.

If there is a subject you would like us to cover, please feel free to write to us at and we’re happy to share insights from our leadership team.

Thank you all for your interest and partnership with us. We are excited to continue connecting with you and help you overcome financial hurdles and grow your business.


Why do businesses choose to factor?

Why do businesses choose to factor? For many businesses, limited cash flow tends to be a problem owners choose to “deal” with.  Lack of cash flow can be the result of many reasons.  For example, if clients take a long time to pay for your goods and services.  Combine late payments with the impact of […]

Meet Abby Nolte

Team Spotlight: Operations Manager, Abby Nolte! Join us in welcoming our newest team member, Abby Nolte, from NYC!  Abby recently joined Kompass Funding as our Operations Manager.  She was previously based in mid-town Manhattan at JPMorgan where she focused on sales and distribution strategy for their exchange-traded fund (ETF) platform.  As an operations manager, Abby […]

What is Reverse Factoring?

What is Reverse Factoring? Reverse factoring is commonly referred to as supply chain financing.  This is because the factor will insert themselves between a business and supplier in a reverse factoring relationship. Like traditional factoring, the factor will agree to pay a company’s outstanding invoices. Unlike traditional factoring, the factor with be paying the company’s […]

NATE The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association

Strategic Partnership: NATE, The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association Over the last year, wireless and internet service demand hit all-time highs as millions of Americans were forced to move their workspaces from an office to their living rooms.  With 5G already an initiative going into 2020, providers were forced to accelerate their efforts towards 5G implementation […]

What are the differences between factoring & a bank loan?

What are the differences between factoring & a bank loan? When business owners are faced with financing and funding challenges, many of them will turn to banks for help. And in some situations, bank loans make sense! However, factoring can also be an option to help with cash flow needs. That is why we pulled […]

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